There is no more advertising in Äripäev, we have only marketing solutions now!

We don’t just want to provide media placements any more, we want to provide workable solutions. When a client comes to us, they need to achieve a business objective – to get more customers, to introduce a new brand or product, to sell off existing stock, and so on.

To get the best results, you no longer have to pick and choose which space or channel best meets that objective – come and contact us at [email protected], let us know:

  • what is the goal for your campaign
  • who do you want to target

We’ll build a comprehensive campaign plan or a longer-term marketing plan based on this, using the channels that our experience shows could help you achieve your goals. If necessary, we will also include channels outside of Äripäev if we believe we can get better results from them!



Digital marketing

Native advertising

Banner ads

E-mail marketing

Print ads

Äripäev's radio

B2B conferences

Job ads

Pan-Baltic ads

More about our services:

We’ll design a marketing strategy tailored to your business goals and needs. We’ll suggest the marketing activities and channels that will deliver the best results and help you achieve your goals.

Our greatest strength is B2B marketing – we have a wealth of experience, a houseful of B2B specialists and the channels to help you get your message to the right audience.

We also have a lot of exposure to premium client marketing campaigns, as readers of Äripäev and our other niche web sites also have above average purchasing power as private individuals.

We can advise you on creating a one-off campaign as well as a long-term, comprehensive marketing plan.

Bringing your company, product or service to the attention of the audiences that matter to you. We can advise you on the choice of topics and headlines to make the article really interesting and provide valuable information to the reader. With the help of our experienced co-writers, we produce high-quality articles and our marketing team will distribute the content you create to your chosen target audience with pinpoint accuracy. In addition to content marketing articles, content marketing radio programmes/podcasts can also be produced, which appear on Äripäev radio and Äripä online.

Want to reach industry decision-makers? Investors? The leaders of Estonia’s biggest companies? Wealthy private clients? We put our in-house data to work for your business and target the right audiences outside of Äripäev’s channels. Through our marketing activities, we are able to pinpoint business customers in different sectors or premium private customers with higher purchasing power. This very precise targeting can be used for content marketing articles, radio podcasts and Google Display banners.

  • We boost content marketing articles on Facebook to the audience you want, we can repeat the boost every few months if necessary.
  • We target radio podcasts to the audiences we want to reach, so we get the right listeners who we can’t pick up on live radio.
  • We distribute banner advertisements outside of Äripäev’s channels, taking advantage of customers who do not visit our newsfeed on a daily basis but who still belong to the desired target group.

Äripäev’s channels are not the only solution we use. Our experienced experts set up Facebook, Google Search/Google Display and LinkedIn ads to deliver the results you want. We’re here to help you generate ideas and make them happen. Being visible on social media and Google is a time-consuming and ongoing job. We can help!

In addition to setting up your ads, we’ll check that your analytics and performance tracking are in order. We can also help you set up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager if needed.

Banner advertising helps you to keep your company, product or service in front of the customer for a shorter or longer period, depending on the campaign objectives.

Banner advertising on our websites is a great way to increase brand awareness. Having a presence in Äripäev’s channels gives your company a certain quality mark and a guarantee of trust.

Banner placements>>

Every week, Äripäev radio listeners receive important information on more than a couple of dozen different business areas. Äripäev Radio is for the active and entrepreneurial person interested in economics, investment, finance, business management, legislation, team management, innovation and related areas. The radio’s listeners are leaders and decision-makers: entrepreneurs, managers, small investors, professionals, opinion leaders, officials, decision-makers.

Äripäev Radio can produce 45-minute content marketing programmes, as well as regular commercial clips.

The number of print editions of Äripäev has decreased and we are focusing on quality instead of quantity. 

Äripäev publishes the following print editions:

We always use updated and verified Infopank data for email marketing. This is a great way to generate specific leads that you can then contact directly. We offer a complete email marketing solution, where we create the target groups, compose and design the content of the email and analyse the results.

The Äripäev Infopank brings the information you need to make business and financial decisions to your desk in the best possible format and at a reasonable price. We search for and collect data on Estonian companies and managers from a wide range of sources, such as the Business Register and the Tax and Customs Board, as well as from direct contacts. We build a systematic and comprehensive database from the collected data, which results in Infopankas having information on every Estonian company and decision-maker.

Take a closer look at Infopank’s target groups>>

If you want to be in front of specific industry audiences all year round, we’ve created collaboration packages that include our most popular and effective services and cover the annual marketing needs of many businesses.

See more>>

We organise popular and prestigious conferences in practically every business sector, bringing together the leaders and decision-makers in the sector. It’s a great way to get your company visible, engage face-to-face with potential customers and make valuable contacts.

See the list of our events>>

Brand awareness influences the decision of candidates. Jobseekers prefer to apply to companies they have heard of, trust and can see themselves as part of a team. 

Unlike job search portals, Äripäev’s channels also help to reach target groups who are not actively looking for a job, but who may be attracted by an attractive offer. It makes sense to engage in image building and employer branding marketing on an ongoing basis, rather than only when there are not enough applicants for job vacancies.

We can publish job advertisements in the Äripäev’s niche web sites and, with Facebook sponsored advertising, target this advertising to exactly the right audience. The same possibilities apply to articles aimed at employer branding.



We help you reach the decision makers!

Äripäev is the undisputed market leader in B2B media.

Äripäev has developed into a professional and diversified information provider for executives, we have 20 news websites, publish several magazines, actively broadcast on the radio and are the largest organiser of business conferences and open training courses in Estonia.

The undisputed B2B market leader
Higher purchasing power for both B2C and B2B customers
Greater influence in decision-making
The credibility of Äripäev also increases the credibility of your product/service
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Greater influence on decision-making:

The main users of our channels are managers and decision-makers! In Estonia, there are about 50 000 managers in the private sector and about 20 000 managers in the public sector who make decisions worth millions of euros every day. Compared to the average consumer, the decision-maker’s wallet is more than 50 times bigger.

Higher purchasing power:

Decision-makers and managers tend to have higher purchasing power and are therefore in a better position to make larger purchasing decisions. Their purchases can lead to higher profits and revenues for the company that can convince them. At the same time, they are also private individuals with higher purchasing power, who can also be targeted with products and services for private consumption.

Stronger brand awareness and trust:

Decision-makers and managers often make decisions based on trust, and if they know your brand, they may be more willing to work with your company for longer. Äripäev’s trustworthy image also contributes to your brand image by helping to build strong brand awareness and increase your brand value.

Äripäev's NEWS SITES


Äripä is the leading business news website that keeps an eye on all business events 7 days a week. Äripä is the best marketing channel for entrepreneurs.

The target group consists of business owners, managers, employees, on whom the decision to buy a company directly or indirectly depends. It is also the target group of small investors who follow Investor Toomas and stock market news.

  • Audience size ~200 000
  • Newsletter subscriptions: 65 000

Visit Äripä >> 

DV_logo is the best B2B marketing channel for Russian-speaking businesses in Estonia. is well-suited for marketing services and products to businesses, but it is also a good channel to reach affluent private customers.

The target audience is Russian-speaking entrepreneurial people. Business owners, managers and employees who directly or indirectly influence the purchasing decision in a company. Also small investors.

  • Audience size ~35 000
  • Newsletter subscriptions:  16 000

Visit >> 

Investor Toomas is a character invented by Äripäev. He has real money at his disposal, which started to be invested in the stock markets at the beginning of 2002. Investor Toomas’ investment decisions are made by Äripäev’s stock exchange editorial team.

The target group consists of Estonia’s smaller and larger investors.

  • Audience size ~41 000
  • Newsletter subscriptions 19 100

Visit Investor Toomas >> is Estonia’s leading marketing website covering success stories, events and trends in marketing, advertising, media planning and public relations.

The target audience is all marketing professionals. Marketing managers, public relations managers, media planners, creative agency professionals and media company staff responsible for marketing activities and campaigns.
and targeting.
It is estimated that around 90% of marketers use the website.

  • Audience size ~15 000
  • Newsletter subsriptions: 6800

Visit>> is a leading real estate and construction business news website, covering important topics in the construction, real estate and materials industries.

The target audience includes construction company executives, owners, board members, key employees, construction project managers, construction supervisors, construction materials manufacturers, construction engineers, architectural firm managers, design office managers.

  • Audience size ~26 000
  • Newsletter subscriptions:  11 700

Visit >> reports on important issues in economics, finance, business, taxation and business law.

The target audience is corporate finance managers, (chief) accountants, financial controllers, financial analysts, financial consultants, business controllers, CEOs, payroll managers, auditors, internal auditors, finance department managers, business development managers, board members and other people interested in finance.

  • Audience size ~9000
  • Newsletter subscriptions: 8400

Visit >> is a media portal covering news and opinion pieces on the Estonian start-up landscape.

The target group consists of the Estonian start-up community and key players in the technology sector.

  • Audience size ~15 000
  • Newsletter subscriptions: 9500

Visit >> is a leading IT business news site covering important IT business, IT development, R&D, hardware and software, future trends and more.

The target audience includes IT decision makers and opinion leaders from the private and public sectors.

  • Audience size ~18 000
  • Newsletter subscriptions: 8700

Visit >> is Estonia’s trade news website, covering trade news, success stories, events and trends.

The target audience consists of managers, CEOs, purchasing managers, HR managers, quality managers and product managers of Estonian trading companies. A wide range of companies active in the retail sector, including store managers, marketing and sales managers.

  • Audience size ~28 000
  • Newsletter subscriptions: 8000

Visit >> covers real estate news, success stories, events and trends.

The target audience includes Estonian real estate executives and mid-level managers, property managers, investment managers, property owners, property developers, property brokers and valuers, commercial property and investment advisors, architects, designers, sales and marketing managers.

  • Audience size  ~24 000
  • Newsletter subscriptions: 12 000

Visit >> is Estonia’s leading online logistics news community, covering important topics in transport, warehousing and logistics.

The target group consists of logistics opinion leaders. Owners, managers and employees of logistics, transport and warehousing companies.

  • Audience size ~11 000
  • Newsletter subscriptions: 6700

Visit >> is a thematic website for healthcare professionals, offering a unique overview of sector news, success stories and plans.

  • Audience size ~20 000
  • Newsletter subscriptions: 10 000

Visit >> is Estonia’s only pay news portal offering reading and up-to-date reviews on current topics such as pay statistics, wages, labour market developments, labour law and work organisation.

The target audience includes payroll clerks, accountants, human resources specialists, heads of department, interim parents and others who are involved in working time, payroll and leave accounting in companies. In addition, readers are accounting service providers whose services include payroll accounting.

  • Audience size ~5000
  • Newsletter subscriptions: 1200

Visit >> is the leading human resources website, providing relevant and up-to-date information on HR.

The target audience includes HR managers, people in management positions whose job responsibilities include people management, trainers, employment law, employer branding and recruitment specialists.

  • Audience size ~28 000
  • Newsletter subscriptions: 10 000

Visit >> 

Põ is the leading agricultural and forestry news website, covering all the important issues in crop and livestock farming, forestry and the forestry sector.

The target audience is decision-makers in the plant and animal production, forestry, hunting, aquaculture and related industries.

  • Audience size ~15 000
  • Newsletter subscriptions: 7600

Visit Põ>> is a leading financial and finance news website covering important issues in accounting, tax and finance and business law.

The target audience is top-level finance professionals, company accountants, finance managers, accounting department staff, managers and auditors, consultants, accounting service providers.

  • Audience size ~24 000
  • Newsletter subscriptions: 16 700

Visit >> 

Sekretä is the only website that provides work-related information and news for secretaries and other office workers.

The target audience includes secretaries, assistants, executive assistants, office managers – anyone who is responsible for deciding on office supplies, travel arrangements and essential office operations.

  • Audience size ~17 000

Visit Sekretä>> 

Töö is an industry sector news website that brings together leaders from different industry sectors and provides them with sector news, success stories, events and future trends.

The target group consists of Estonian middle and senior managers, specialists and entrepreneurs from the following sectors: energy, building materials, electronics, food, textiles, clothing, plastics, chemicals, furniture, wood, forestry, metal, machinery, paper and printing.

  • Audience size ~30 000
    Newsletter subscriptions: 12 000

Visit Töö >> is Estonia’s first patient decision support and e-health service environment that supports the full patient journey, from online health search to information on treatment options, medical care and post-diagnosis.

The target audience includes people with health conditions themselves or a loved one, people with chronic conditions in need of diagnosis-based support material, and health-conscious, enterprising and time-conscious people who want to maintain their health and prevent disease.

  • Audience size ~160 000
  • Newsletter subscriptions 25 000

Visit >> 

IA logo

Imeline Ajalugu is Scandinavia’s largest history magazine, published online and in print. Imeline Ajalugu is the most widely read magazine in Estonia.

A large part of readers of the magazine has high income. Readers are both – men and women.

The newsletter has 12 000 subscribers.

Visit Imeline Ajalugu >> 

Imeline Teadus is Scandinavia’s largest popular science magazine, published online and in print. Imeline Teadus is the second most read monthly magazine in Estonia.

A large part of readers of the magazine has high income. Readers are both – men and women.

The newsletter has 7000 subscribers.

Visit Imeline Teadus >> 


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