International Leadership Conference: Coaching 2023 PAUSE

This conference brings together business leaders and professional coaches.

The conference program has been created in cooperation with experts from ICF Estonia and the Estonian Supervision and Coaching Association (ESCÜ).


Greetings from the performers you will meet on June 1 in Tallinn

Vittoria Zipoli Caiani

Professional Certified Coach, ICF

Pedja Jovanović

Master Certified Coach, ICF

John Thompson

Integral Master Coach, Circling Europe

Catherine Tanneau

Master Certified Coach, ICF

Erik de Haan PhD

Director of Ashridge's Centre, Professional Certified Coach, ICF

8:15 am
8:15 am
Brief Presentation of Coaching for Educators (Workshop area)

Vittoria Zipoli Caiani, Professional Certified Coach, ICF

Coaching as a critical skill for educators and students in the “age of Chaos”. I’m an executive coach and I’m a mother of 3 young adults. On one side I hear the questions and the needs in the professional world, on the other I witness the process to prepare the next generation to fulfill unknown needs in the future. From my perspective, coaching is the skill that can best prepare our students to be open, ready and willing to move the needle in a very chaotic workplace. In my presentation, I’ll offer a view on how coaching can support a necessary shift in the mindset.

9:10 am
9:10 am
Leadership shadows (Nordea hall)

Erik de Haan (PhD)
Director of Ashridge’s Centre, PCC in coaching from the ICF

These are unprecedented times where most of us feel that at work as well as privately we tumble from one crisis into another: Brexit, Covid, war in Europe and looming over all of this, an ever-expanding global climate emergency.

All of these crises have profound consequences for global leadership when it is trying to stay calm and support development of teams and organisations. At the same time, global leadership itself is under constant threat and understandably faces criticism.

This keynote will go to the root of the criticism of leaders and show how leadership coaching might help. We will explore the dearth of definitions of what leadership is or does; a struggle therefore to pass ‘it’ on; and as a result, a great many underwhelming leaders; which leads to growing cost of leadership derailment, exacerbated by hubris and overdrive. This short lecture will explore ways in which coaches can make important differences in the leadership domain, presenting new research on coaching effectiveness backing this up.

Some themes of consideration during the keynote:

  • What is leadership, how to define it and where to find criteria for ‘good leadership’
  • What are differences between ‘good leadership’ and ‘successful leadership’
  • How the leadership shadow is part and parcel of every leadership offering
  • How we can make leadership more healthy and balanced, and less corruptible
  • How executive coaches are uniquely placed to work with leaders to integrate their leadership shadows
  • What we know about the effectiveness of coaching when it comes to the leadership shadow.
10:00 am
10:00 am
Guided walk in Tallinn's old town

We will meet at 9:45 at the conference information desk

12:10 pm
12:10 pm
Workshop: Fearless Listening (Workshop area)

Erik de Haan (PhD) Director of Ashridge’s Centre, PCC in coaching from the ICF

This workshop will focus on fearless listening techniques to support the executive coaching for top leaders and top leadership teams. The workshop is based on the idea of the leadership shadow and how the fact that a leader (or someone else) contributes to decision-making processes within organisations, exposes them in a profound way to forms of corruption and compromise. During the workshop we will discover something about our own highly personal leadership shadows & there will also be an opportunity to practice your ability to coach top leaders.

There will be three exercises in the workshop focusing on the bright side of your leadership, the dark side of your leadership, and fearless challenge to your leadership.

– in the first exercise we will focus on how we can listen on different levels and how we can make our listening more loving, compassionate and fearless.

– in the second exercise we will focus on making the listening situation safe enough for leaders to speak about their shadows.

– in the third exercise we will look at the importance of fearless challenge for leaders: we will understand how important ‘challenge’ is in relational coaching, especially for powerful leaders.

1:00 pm
1:00 pm
Lunch and networking
2:00 pm
2:00 pm
Workshop: Circling - A doorway into transformational conversations (Workshop area)

John Thompson, Integral Master Coach, Circling Europe

Circling with John and being met by him is a gift for the very brave. His magic power comes from seeing deep into your very soul, your heart’s most profound and sometimes scariest desires, those places hidden even from yourself and the truth of all parts of you.

With the gift of his leadership you are guaranteed to get as deep as you venture and allow yourself to go, and he will be there with you every step of the way with his gentle loving heart, good sense of humour and true compassion.

Benefits of Circling:

Circling is a powerful structure for creating meaningful connection, enabling us to better see others and be seen. It helps us build a greater emotional range and bring similar benefits to meditation.

3:00 pm
3:00 pm
DEMO: Team coaching (Workshop area)

Catherine Tanneau, Master Certified Coach, ICF

Participants can directly observe how a professional coach works with the team. Plus explanations and feedback.

4:00 pm
4:00 pm
DEMO: Individual coaching (Workshop area)

Pedja Jovanović, ICF accredited coach (MCC)

Participants can directly observe how a professional coach works with a manager. In addition, explanations and feedback on what is happening.

5:00 pm
5:00 pm
The Sound of Silence (Nordea hall)

Pedja Jovanović, ICF accredited coach (MCC)

Silence – the most overlooked communication skill. Many people don’t consider it to be a communication skill at all. Many of us struggle with using it effectively nor like to face a person who uses it. It creates vacuum effect and it usually puts pressure on all involved parties. 

However, coaching with the vacuum metaphor of silence is much more than an illustration of one coaching skill among many others.  The vacuum effect is the key criteria of the whole coaching relationship itself.  By creating a strong and constant empty space, coaches continuously create the conditions for clients to fill the space by expressing their innermost concerns, motivations, doubts and ambitions.

5:30 pm
5:30 pm
Arferparty and networking


Full price 449€ (538.8€ with VAT included)
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Participation conditions
If your plans have changed and you need to cancel your participation or you feel any symptoms of a disease and you would prefer to follow the webcast of the conference, please let us know by writing to [email protected] .

Copying, saving, reproducing or distributing the materials and content of the webinar is prohibited without the written consent of AS Äripäev.

Cancellation terms:
14 or more days before the event > full refund
13-7 days before the event > 50% refund
Less than 7 days > no refund

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