Vittoria Zipoli Caiani

Vittoria Zipoli Caiani

Professional Certified Coach, ICF

Vittoria is an executive coach and leadership development facilitator. Her focus is on value alignment, behavioral change and systemic awareness. Her mission is to activate people to be catalysts for the change they want for themselves and their world. Vittoria has lived and worked across a number of countries around the world for more than 2 decades, refining her intervention under the lenses of equity, inclusion and cultural expressions. Today she coaches professionals and teams from various industries worldwide. Vittoria is a certified professional Co-Active® Coach CPCC with the Coaches Training Institute and a Professional Certified Coach PCC with the International Coach Federation ICF as well as a faculty member of The Coaches Training Institute, training first class coaches around the world.

08:15 - 09:00

Hommikuseminar: Brief Presentation of Coaching for Educators

Coaching as a critical skill for educators and students in the "age of Chaos”. I’m an executive coach and I’m a mother of 3 young adults. On one side I hear the questions and the needs in the professional world, on the other I witness the process to prepare the next generation to fulfill unknown needs in the future. From my perspective, coaching is the skill that can best prepare our students to be open, ready and willing to move the needle in a very chaotic workplace. In my presentation, I’ll offer a view on how coaching can support a necessary shift in the mindset.

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