Matt Parker

Matt Parker


Co-Founder of Pinformative; a PPC marketing and E-Learning agency that works with Pinterest and is dedicated to scaling brands from a multitude of marketplaces including Amazon, Ebay, Shopify & Etsy. Matt has worked with many well known blue-chip companies all over the World including clients such as Universal Studios and the BBC television in the UK . Having been in the ecommerce World for over 15 years he has been involved with over 250 top selling items scaling across Ebay, Amazon and Woocommerce. Primarily, his background is in multimedia programming and UI interface design (BA HONS) which he initially studied at the University Of Wales.

11:40 - 12:10

How to rank and launch products with Pinterest

How to boost your sales by driving warm traffic to your listing using the right Pinterest strategy. Overview of multi-flow traffic and Pinformative's "A2 Principle" covering Google, Pinterest and Amazon Traffic flows.