Lazar Zepinic

Lazar Zepinic

Sellers Alley

Lazar Zepinic is the Founder and CEO of Sellers Alley, a 7-figure advertising agency providing PPC marketing services to premium eCommerce sellers. The company has partnerships with some of the biggest brands, including TikTok. Sellers Alley is a fast-growing agency with experienced PPC specialists who create the most suitable and profitable strategies for clients’ needs and goals. Lazar and his team focus on delivering fast, measurable, and successful advertising results through a multichannel marketing approach, with Amazon Ads and TikTok Ads as the leading platforms. Lazar participated in many marketing events, summits, and workshops around the globe and continues to share expertise from his decade-long professional experience with others.

12:10 - 12:35

How to Launch Products with TikTok Marketing

Why TikTok. Help of organic Tik Tok profile (impact of organic posts on Tik Tok using #, creating trends, being active). How to set up Tik Tok campaigns for Amazon traffic. Impact on Amazon through Tik Tok