Amy Wees

Amy Wees

7-figure seller, CEO of Amazing at Home E-Commerce Consulting

Amy Wees, a 7-figure e-commerce trailblazer and CEO of Amazing at Home E-Commerce Consulting, is recognized for her exceptional expertise in artificial intelligence, product development, sourcing, marketing, and sales on Amazon, TikTok and beyond. Co-founder of the exclusive LATAM tradeshow (, Amy curates unique events like the Mexico Trip and Amazing in China Canton Fair Sourcing Trip, offering entrepreneurs unparalleled sourcing opportunities.

A seasoned globetrotter and international public speaker, she shares cutting-edge insights globally and coaches entrepreneurs through virtual sessions.

Amy's impact extends to "Wednesday Wisdom," her weekly podcast, where she delves into discussions on product development, sourcing strategies, and sales tactics. With an unwavering commitment to staying ahead of the curve, Amy Wees inspires entrepreneurs worldwide to navigate the evolving landscape of international business. Explore her insights at

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